Classic British Quality.
Made in the UK.

Resilient Timber.
Hand-crafted in London.

Superior hardwood for quality & durability

At The Makers Awning Collection, solid timber is usually the preferred option for our awning boxes. Using a natural material like oak wood provides a classic finish and styling. Our boxes are meticulously crafted from treated hardwood timber, ensuring resistance against warping and deterioration.

To enhance both durability and aesthetics, each timber box undergoes multiple hand-painted coats of paint, customized to our customers’ color specifications. This attention to detail results in a stunning finish that seamlessly complements any application or desired aesthetic.

Our classic box design is meticulously handcrafted using FSC Meranti hardwood and incorporates a unique pitch design to prevent water ingress, guaranteeing both reliability and functionality.

Experience the unparalleled quality and beauty of our timber awning boxes at The Makers Awning Collection, where craftsmanship and attention to detail are our guiding principles.

Timber Finishes

Timber Colour

Timber Stain

We offer a choice of timber options including English, Jacobean and light oak, English and aged mahogany and Pacific cedar, which can all be varnished to allow the natural grain to show.