Greenwich Awning

Made in the UK

Quality Manufacture

Made in the UK.

The Greenwich Awning is an elegant and stylish hand-crafted solution that has become a sought-after choice for architects and designers. Based on a classic continental design, this awning showcases exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Manufactured in our London workshop using only the finest quality materials, the Greenwich Awning boasts a hardwood housing, steel-forged arms, and specially treated fabric covering, ensuring durability and longevity. Each element of this awning is custom-made, tailored to fit its surroundings perfectly in shape, colour, and style.

With a wide range of custom options, you can personalize the Greenwich Awning to suit your specific requirements. Choose from various timber stains, fabric colors, and metal finishes to create a unique look. The awning’s resilience is enhanced by powder-coated metalwork, hand-treated timber, and solution-dyed fabric, providing exceptional resistance to harsh weather conditions.

Whether you prefer a soft-gear full winding control, an electro-smart automated control, or fixed installations, the Greenwich Awning offers versatility in its operation. Its simple and graceful lines make it a versatile solution that complements both classic and contemporary settings, while offering excellent branding options for a stylish fascia.

Discover the timeless beauty and exceptional customisation options of the Greenwich Awning, the preferred choice of architects and interior design studios.

1: roller 2: cloth cover 3: box 4: arm 5: valance (not shown) 6: shoe bracket 7: lath

Maximum width: 6.5m (awnings over 5m wide are liable to deflection) Maximum projection: 3m (subject to fixing height)

Quality Manufacture

Made in the UK.


We believe using quality materials is a prerequisite to producing an outstanding end product.

  • High grade hardwood timber to manufacture the boxes that the roller is housed in
  • Hardwood is specially treated to offer maximum durability
  • All steel-forged arms and bracketry are hand-crafted to match the exact curvature of an application


All these measures give the awning long-lasting resistance to inclement weather conditions.

  • Metalwork is powder coated
  • Timberwork is hand‑treated
  • Cloth fabric is solution-dyed for protection


The Greenwich awning can be customised to maximise your branding.

  • Hardwood can be stained or painted to a customers required specification
  • Metalwork and fabric can be matched to any RAL colour
  • Valance and finials available in many styles
  • RAGS® branding and pattern printing in any pantone reference