Classic British Manufacture.
Made in the UK.

Quality Metalwork.
Manufactured in London.

Precision-built steel componentry

We take pride in the meticulous craftsmanship, that goes into the manufacture of our metal componentry that is used in all our awnings. Each metal piece is expertly manufactured in our workshop to ensure superior quality and durability. For our arms, we forge them from high-grade steel, providing exceptional strength and stability. Every bracket and fixing is designed and crafted in-house, eliminating the need for external sourcing and guaranteeing consistent quality control.

To improve the durability and aesthetic of our metalwork, we apply a powder-coating finish. This method offers numerous advantages over traditional wet paint, including superior colour retention, resistance to corrosion, weathering, scratching, and fading. It maintains its finish for an impressive 15-20 years and, being solvent-free, is environmentally friendly.

Our wide range of metallic colour finishes provides a diverse palette to choose from, and we can even match specific RAL colours to meet your unique requirements.

Metal Colours

Standard Finishes

Please note that we can match metalwork to any RAL specified colour.

Non-standard Finishes