Classic British Design.
Made in the UK.

Finest Fabrics.
Manufactured in London.

Outstanding choice of quality fabrics

Makers Awning Collection uses the finest cloth to create each awning. Our meticulous process begins by solution-dyeing every thread before weaving, ensuring that the colours lock into each fibre of the fabric. This technique guarantees vibrant and long-lasting shades that resist fading over time.

To withstand the unpredictable British weather, we apply a series of specialized treatments to our awning fabric. Our secret process renders the awnings waterproof, rot-proof, shrink-proof, and stain-resistant. Additionally, we include an anti-mildew treatment to ensure lasting freshness. Safety is paramount, which is why our fabrics are also flame-retardant, providing peace of mind.

Our collection offers a wide range of plain colours and stylish stripes. We also have the ability to match special colours, ensuring a truly customised solution for your space.

Colour Range

Fabric – Plain

Please note, we can also match to specified colour references.

Fabric – Striped