Total Design Freedom.
Custom-built in the UK.

Classic British Styling.
Made in the UK.

The widest choice of style options

The Makers Awning Collection offers superb opportunity for customising an awning or canopy. The customisation process in essence starts from your choice of awning and your size specifications, but there are various physical elements, such as choice of fabric colour, wood stain or colour-matched paint and metalwork finishes to any RAL specification, these are also key components of the styling process.

Customisation also encompasses accessory options, this can be choosing a valance and also the style of that valance. We also have a selection of finials, different bracket styles, there are even options when it comes to opening and closing operation. The Makers Awning Collection offers the widest choice of options in the UK, giving you total design freedom.

Elevating Brands
Made in the UK.

The only limit is your imagination

Any design process revolves around key factors that contribute to a successful awning design. These factors include visually compelling aesthetics, adherence to your brand guidelines and messaging, and the ability to create enticing kerb appeal, capturing the attention of potential customers at street level.

We provide a wide choice of branding options, from colour-matching you text and logos to RAGS® pattern printing, which provides designers limitless design freedom.

Bespoke Canopies – Contemporary
And Classic Styling.
Made in the UK.